Bowe64Tarot Guidance ปรึกษาดวง แนวทางชีวิต \u0026 เรียนไพ่ยิปซี

Bowe64Tarot Guidance ปรึกษาดวง แนวทางชีวิต \u0026 เรียนไพ่ยิปซี

📌 It is a tarot horoscope based on Western astrology.
🔎 See the personal horoscope by following these directions.
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IresAires - Apr 22 - Apr 21
♉Taurus - Taurus 22 Apr-21 May
♊Gemini-Gemini May 22 -21 Jun
♋Cancer-July 22 Jun-21 Jul
♌Leo-Sing, 22 Jul-21 Aug
♍Virgo-Virgo 22 Aug-21 Sep
♎Libra-Libra. 22 Sep-21 Oct
♏Scorpio - Scorpio 22 Oct-21 Nov
IttSagittarius - Thanu 22 Nov-21 Dec
Ric Capricorn-Dragon 22 Dec-21 Jan
♒Aquarius-Aquarius. 22 Jan-21 Feb
♓Pisces-Min 22 Feb-21 Mar

Calculating the ascendant
Use the date of birth, year of birth
Place of birth using Bangkok Thailand

Ascendant sign is the ascendant
Zodiac sign is the zodiac sign.
นี้ This channel emphasizes the ascendant. Look at the ascendant before some months may be exactly the zodiac Can see the zodiac or star moon too
According to this link

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