POGARU (2021) NEW Released Full Hindi Dubbed Movie | Dhruva Sarja, Rashmika Mandanna, Kai Greene

25 เม.ย. 2021
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Dhruva Sarja is unstoppable in his path as he has garnered the support and affection of the general public by fighting against the injustice that comes their way. However, one incident that occurs in his childhood, changes his life forever. How exactly he overcomes that incident forms the rest of the story.
Censor Cerification Number - VIL/2/93/2021- MUM
Movie (Hindi Dubbed):- Pogaru
Original Movie Name:- Pogaru (In Kannada)
Starcast: Dhruva Sarja, Rashmika Mandanna, Bullet Prakash, Kai Greene
Producer: B. K. Gangadhar
Music: V. Harikrishna, Chandan Shetty
Director: Nanda Kishore
Disclaimer:- We are only the right holders of this content. Any opinions expressed in this Film may purely be of the director or the original producers but are not our personal opinions and we do not assume any responsibility or liability for the same.
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  • Not that much good like everybody says...

    thankamma rajuthankamma rajuนาทีที่ผ่านมา
  • But if he got to know that his biological father whom he loved so much was killed by those villains then...the anger which would rose in his eyes and then the most irresistible fighting..that is the thing i was hoping for.......anyway movie was good..

    priti Mannapriti Manna11 นาทีที่ผ่านมา
  • Learn bollywood

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  • Also Favorite 😍 This Movie 😍

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  • Best good action movie

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  • Hero ka acting dekhke mereko mai gareeb hu wala ladke ki feeling aa rha h

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  • Very nice move

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  • Mast hai movi hai Last me hero jab geng hota wha 1no. Movi hai

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  • Every parents love their children, but how can another's father unconditional love and support?♥️♥️♥️ love this beautiful Movie ❤️❤️❤️Nepal❤️❤️💯💯💯💯💯👌👌dhurba♥️♥️❤️👌👌👌

    Subedi ArtiSubedi Artiชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
  • Love from Nepal ♥️♥️ I became fan of dhurba after seeing this movie 👌 wow😍 how south people could make this kind of super movie💯💯❤️👌 role of father 👌 mother👌 sisters trust💓💓💓

    Subedi ArtiSubedi Artiชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
  • Jos linder and kai Greene🔥🔥🔥

    Uday PaswanUday Paswanชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
  • Awesome movie 👌👌👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯💯💯💯love from Nepal💓💓 The style and role of dhurba(hero) from the beginning to the end of the film was totally awesome💓💓 awesome story💓The scene of father and sister made me cry💓💓 the story about unconditional love to his mother👌👌👌👌💯💯💯💯💯

    Subedi ArtiSubedi Artiชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
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  • The story was good but the hero's acting was worst very bad!!!

    Parag GhoshParag Ghoshชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
  • Third class story, waste of time.

    meem tvmeem tvชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
  • Super hit movie

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