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3 พ.ค. 2021
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Today I`ll tell you about vegetables funny struggling with mosquitoes 🦟🦟
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Mosquitoes are very unpleasant insects that annoyed the dinosaurs 🐱‍🐉, and now they annoy us. 😅 They bite painfully, squeak, and completely keep you awake at night. 😤But the worst part is that they are so hard to find in the dark. 👀🤔 Oh, Cado's going to have a sleepless night. 🤕 Today he`ll try to catch this annoying insect that doesn't let him sleep. The main thing is to try not to break the whole house! 😆
Do you want to see the funny and awkward moments of the battle vegetables vs mosquitoes? 🥑💥🦟Then watch my new episode!😉
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  • I watched this from September two thousand and eighteen, and this video really entertained me. Lol so cute.

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