William Black - Deep End (Lyrics)

21 ก.พ. 2021
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🎤 Lyrics: William Black - Deep End
[Verse 1]
Another night, I can’t sleep
Wishing I could, Skip to my dreams
The same day, Stuck on repeat
I push away from the edge
Push away from my friends
I should reach out instead
But I can’t right now
No, I can’t right now
I’ve been lost in my head
Over something that I said
All these feelings ’ve got me down
In the deep end
Trying not to pretend
Am I losing it again?
When nothing’s even wrong
There’s no reason
To take it this far, Till I’m falling apart
Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning
Am I making this up?
Did I fall or did I jump?
Could you pull me out of the deep end?
Could you pull me out of the deep end?
Could you pull me out of the deep end?
[Verse 2]
Holding back, All my tears
I’ve been trying, To face my fears
Wondering how I keep on finding myself here
I push away from the edge
Push away from my friends
I should reach out instead
But I can’t right now
No, I can’t right now
I’ve been lost in my head
Over something that I said
All these feelings have got me down
In the deep end
Trying not to pretend
Am I losing it again?
Nothing’s even wrong
There’s no reason
To take it this far, Till I’m falling apart
Maybe I’ll feel better in the morning
Am I making this up?
Did I fall or did I jump?
Could you pull me out of the deep end?
Could you pull me out of the deep end?
I’ve been losing my head
Over something that I said
Could you pull me out of the deep end?
Trying not to pretend
Am I losing it again?
Could you pull me out of the deep end?
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    • only when i listen to music, Music is the key to open the door to my head, its like a drug, it relieves pain, it makes a tear, and it becomes a dream

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