Fighting Goddess Tifa - Neoclassicism x O2 studio

8 เม.ย. 2021
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Brands/团队: Neoclassicism x O2
Product/作品: Fighting Goddess Tifa, 格斗女​​神蒂法
Height, Width, Length/高,宽,长: 1/4
Normal - Exchangeable breast + removable skirts + realistic eyes sticker
Normal - 上身替换胸,短裙可脱卸, 写实水贴眼睛
Deluxe - 1 more extra head with glass eyes head sculpt / 多一个特点玻璃眼珠版头雕

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  • 2 MASSIVE reasons why all of the cultured men have gathered here once and for all.. I just wonder what those 2 BIG reasons are..

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  • Nah wtf was that quality is ass

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  • Monster 3 head :(((((

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  • This is so intricate

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  • yeah, i thought that figure can move just like that-

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  • Where do you buy the this

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  • That thumbnail though! That was Tifa's Booby...

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  • Don't show it to gen z

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  • Bro that thumbnail got me 😅.

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  • The thumbnail made me believe they were squishy, YEAH FUCK YOU

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  • 혹시 한국인인 사람??

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  • Step aside that 2 big reasons... I have found someone copyrighted this video

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  • Вы попались на _пластиковые сиськи_

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  • Were do you buy those figures are awesome

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  • I collect is this available for purchase and do you have other FF figures?

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  • Sir imma need that *bangs table with credit card*

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  • Idk if I should be confused that I'm a straight girl, who clicked for the thumbnail

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  • А почему, он зацензурил? (Посередине ролика или позднее)

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  • The level of making is crude

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  • Neo-boobism

  • Im a Ma'am of culture but i just click to see the Tifa's sculpture

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  • I see it.. i click it.. easy

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  • to be honest I don't know who she is

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  • Ok fine I clicked the video because of the thumbnail

  • I like those jugs

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  • 2 reasons ppl watches this vid No.1 watching the vid as a real person And no.2 for the thumbnail

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  • บึ้มๆนะ

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  • Any women of culture get brought here?

  • 画质感人

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  • Ah, the quality of the picture is moving.

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  • Hey tharki team 😂

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  • 0:54

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  • How much!

    • about 600$

      Toy Resin GK Statue CollectionToy Resin GK Statue Collectionชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
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  • Gawddam.. Read more

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  • This junk......right here is why the world is great!!! Melt down old rubber. And plastic... Some old man pays top dollar for it.. We all join to watch him build THIS worthless toy.... Grow up and make only fans!!!!!

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  • I wished you showed more of her face.

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  • I clicked on this for...reasons

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  • Toy name

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    • Tifa

      Toy Resin GK Statue CollectionToy Resin GK Statue Collectionชั่วโมงที่ผ่านมา
  • Final Fantasy IX music ;)

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  • The thumbnail doesnt look right

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  • This is to all my brethren who came here for the culture! The clickbait was huge in this one!😂

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  • It's not a doll, nor is it a figurine..this is art, am I right my fellow comrades of culture!?

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  • Why is 1 tit half the size of the other?

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