Hair by Mr Bean of London | Episode 14 | Widescreen Version | Classic Mr Bean

14 ต.ค. 2018
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Bean ends up holding the fort for his hairdresser and gives several customers terrible haircuts. Bean then attends a fete but cheats at all the games and enters Teddy into a dog show. Later, after a train journey Bean loses his ticket so tries various ways to leave without being seen by the guards. His efforts fail as he ends up on a mail train bound for Moscow.
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  • Conspiracy theory #308 Mr. Bean is a renegade angelic being 1. In his intro it seems he's being lowered from the sky in a magnificent beam of light. 2. wen he touches the electric ball at that military school he becomes highly charged 3. He magically restored his car after a tank ran over it. 4. He can drive with his feet whilst brushing his teeth

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    • @HocSignoVinces Louis de Funes est le génie du cinéma. Grand et gentil comédien de tous les temps. Louis de Funes est très populaire en Russie. Louis de Funes est aimé en Russie. De nombreux Russes ont grandi en regardant ses films aimables et drôles. En Russie, on considère que le cinéma français est l'un des meilleurs. Surtout de grands acteurs comme: Louis de Funes, Jean Paul Belmondo, Pierre Richard,Alain Delon,Vincent Cassel,Christian Clavier, Frédéric Diefenthal et etc. Respect au nom du peuple russe pour le peuple français. Vive la France🇷🇺🤝🇲🇫Salutations de Russie;) Je m'excuse pour mon français, ce n'est pas parfait. Je pratique le français))

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    • Stop spreading fake rumours. He's not dead.

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