Sabai - Million Days (Acoustic) feat. Hoang & Claire Ridgely

31 มี.ค. 2021
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⚡️ Stole your heart and it was mine in a million ways
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▶️ Sabai
▶️ Hoang
▶️ Claire Ridgely
🎤 Lyrics: Sabai - Million Days (Acoustic) feat. Hoang & Claire Ridgely
[Verse 1: Claire Ridgely]
I don’t do this often
You caught me
Off guard
All of my friends
Said you moved out west
You tell me stories underneath sun sets
Could it be more than just one night
Kiss in the cab ride
Head turning left right
Get a ticket for two
To wherever you choose
Drinking some red out of the blue
[Pre-Chorus: Claire Ridgely]
You say my name with your accent
Makes me remember
How much I missed ya
Hope your planning to stay
For a million days
You’ll be my summer in December

[Chorus: Claire Ridgely]
Hey boy
Trust my intuitions
I’m not super-stitious
I got lucky
Stole your heart
And it was mine for the taking
It was mine for the taking
It was mine for a million days
In a million ways
Stole your heart and I got lucky
Stole your heart and it was mine
In a million ways for a million days
[Verse 2: Claire Ridgely]
I’m bad at pretending
You know
I’ll be true

Sunday mornings, midnight lights
Turn into songs that your watch me write
Stole your sweater on that night
You took a picture
I keep by my bedside
So you’re mine when your gone
Baby please don’t be long
I got my ticket to the westside
[Pre-Chorus: Claire Ridgely]
You say my name with your accent
Makes me remember
How much I missed ya
Hope your planning to stay
For a million days
You’ll be my summer in December

[Chorus: Claire Ridgely]
Hey boy
Trust my intuitions
I’m not super-stitious
I got lucky
Stole your heart
And it was mine for the taking
It was mine for the taking
It was mine for a million days
In a million ways
Stole your heart and I got lucky
Stole your heart and it was mine
In a million ways for a million days
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