【English sub】沙滩上遍地大鼓包,每个下面都有大货,大白肉一捏就呲水【赶海小章】

21 ก.พ. 2021
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Hi everyone, this is Xiaozhang. I live near the sea in Shandong province. I became a vlogger in 2019, but not until recently have I become a full-time vlogger living off of this revenue. I can see that all my viewers really enjoy my content, and I am absolutely thrilled for all the support you guys brought to me and my channel! Thank you all for your continuous support!
I shall present to you my daily routine of catching the best seafood, and cooking the best seafood dishes!
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[Octopus & Starfish playlist] ▷ganhaixiaozhang888.page.link/6BG2
[Clams & Shellfish playlist] ▷ganhaixiaozhang888.page.link/EwdR
【English sub】沙滩上遍地大鼓包,每个下面都有大货,大白肉一捏就呲水【赶海小章】

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  • While fishing there, if u collect those garbage then it will be good for water animals.

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  • Why do you seem angry to the videographer

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  • 小章妳好!滿心歡喜看着您們視頻, 帶着微笑的臉容很可愛哦! 祝妳一切順利,開開❤️❤️👸🍬👌👍🧚‍♀️🧚

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  • Привет. Покажите в своём видео как вы готовите "кошачий глаз", и как его употребляете в пищу.

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