updog - impress you (Lyrics)

16 ต.ค. 2020
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🎧 updog - impress you (Lyrics)
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👉 updog
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🎤 Lyrics: updog - impress you
[Verse 1]
Talk to me, I’m shameless, no holds barred
Thinking my self-conscious thoughts out loud
Always thought I'd find my will to stay
In you I found my meaning that won’t change
It's all about to surface
Tried to find a chance to mention
What this means to me now
I only tried mend it
I guess I just pretended
But all I really needed was a change
If I’m to blame
For my own pain
For me please don't feel sorry
I made my choice
I found my voice
I don't live to impress you
Don’t live to impress you
Don’t live to impress you
[Verse 2]
But I guess things didn’t work out right
Stuck here with my hands all tied
I guess life just has its way
Of playing funny games on mе
It's all about to surface
Tried to find a chance to mеntion
What this means to me now
I only tried mend it
I guess I just pretended
But all I really needed was a change
If I’m to blame
For my own pain
For me please don't feel sorry
I made my choice
I found my voice
I don't live to impress you
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  • "Your hand is not a paper" Don't cut it "Your mouth is not a cloth" Don't stitch it "Your neck is not a hanger" Don't hang it "Your body is not your enemy" Don't blame it "Your heart is not a glass" Don't break it "Your life is not a film" Don't end it "Your heart is not a house" Don't lock it "Your life is not a cloth" Don't change it "Your not pretty" Cause you're beautiful "They don't want you" Cause they need you "They don't like you" Cause they love you How's your quarantine? Hope It's going great!

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  • To Impress depends to the receiver. Some human are not appreciative enough until it's gone and unless they also knew what exactly trying to do is impressing them or you just knew it yourself. Not everyone can figure out unless you say it.

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