Stop Motion ASMR - Giant Golden Frog That Hunts Catfish And Koi Fish Cooked In The Original Mud

1 พ.ค. 2021
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Stop Motion ASMR - Giant Golden Frog That Hunts Catfish And Koi Fish Cooked In The Original Mud
#ASMR #StopMotion #Experiment
👉 Warning: This product is not real, not be eat
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Hello everyone, welcome to our Funny Stop Motion Cooking channel.
The Stop Motion form came into being quite early, known to be the film equivalent of the touch system method. The essence of this type is that the continuous image is then processed on a dedicated table for editing.
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Producer - Van Nguyen
Written - Hoa Nguyen
Animation - Nam Nguyen
Post-production - Thanh Hang

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