Building a Medieval House | 10 Day Bushcraft Shelter Build

29 มิ.ย. 2020
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Building a medieval house in the woods, a 10 day bushcraft shelter. This is a full build video of the anglo saxon house with thatch roof that we built using simple hand tools. This medieval-era bushcraft camp was inspired by the anglo saxon "pit house". The saxons occupied Britain from the 5th to the 11th century. Many of their houses were built by digging a pit in the ground which would not only help to keep a consistent temperature in their homes throughout the year, but it would also mean that they needed less building materials to build the house upwards. We used simple hand tools: axe, saw, knife, pick axe, hand auger and drawknife to build this tiny house in the forest. I built this with my Dad in 10 days. See below for individual episodes of the Saxon House series where we talk about what we are doing and why.
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  • This is an edited down version of the Saxon House series. I put it together because soon I am heading back there to continue the series. To do work on the interior and a few more exterior projects. Thought you guys who haven’t watched the series can see it here: Finished filming the next episode of the Roundhouse series today too, keep an eye out for it! Cheers - Mike

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    • How long will untreated wood last?

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  • In the medieval age: Son: "Father, what kind of animal is it whistling like that?!" Father: "Teapot my son, teapot!" :))))

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  • My only question is what do y’all do with these builds after they’re done? Like do y’all just keep them there or tear them down? Been wondering this for a while

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  • Not fake like the other "primitive" channels, been doing buscraft since I was 16 in scouts and can tell the real thing from the fake channels around who cut and paste between crew constrution.

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  • This is building ASMR. I'm also curious as to what happens to these shelters after the build? Do they get taken down and the material repurposed? Are they left up to be reclaimed by nature?

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  • Nobody: The men in the video: Me: 17:08 "That's what she said."

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  • In Ireland you need to hand in the planning application in the medieval ages so you can build it next year

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  • Cool but no indoor heat, no indoor bedding, leaky roof and a powder keg in 2 years

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    • These roofs are actually pretty good! In Northern Germany they're still some houses with these roofs.

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  • Medical house: slow and steady Those Vietnam guys with their sticks: *rip n tear*

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  • You and you dad work so well together, me and my son would being arguing and fist fighting 10 minutes into the project

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  • THworld: Guy builds a Medieval house. My Imagination: waiting for medieval warriors to attack them

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  • What happens to these amazing builds after ? My son loves watching these builds and we build our own dens too. Is it possible to come and visit this wooded area ?

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  • wow i didnt know bill gates can build his own bushcraft shelter

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  • 5:16 what's that foldable saw?? Please someone help! :)

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  • Cut! Take 482, “will you stfu?”

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  • Bringing history back to life. Pretty awesome.

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  • why didn't u just use the back of the axe as a hammer

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  • looking at the forest, I remembered a movie called "THE FOREST"

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  • Seattle: This is amazing! Now we need to discuss you new property taxes for that shelter, fines for not hiring disadvantaged workers and fines for not housing a homeless druggie in it.

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  • Hell I'd live in it !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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  • So that’s where the phrase raining cats and dogs comes from

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  • I wish my dad was this cool

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  • No ones talking about 17:06 and that had me laughing for a solid 3 minutes

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  • Didn't expect to see modern hinges and screws. Whyyyy? It's like cheating the game.

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    • They did make their own hammer. You can't expect them to do all the metal blacksmithing too! They look like iron not exactly super modern, probably the closest they could get.

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  • salam,it is wonderfull house,bravo,,hii

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  • would have been more impressive if it was built with medieval tools and practices

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  • Why was this build into the ground? Wouldn´t heavy rain flood the floor?

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    • Good question. I hope they dug the area around it down so that the structure is at the highest point.

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  • Great video but I’m just wondering why did you strip the logs?

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    • It stops bugs from hiding inside and eating away at the wood. Once you remove the bark there is no place for the bugs to hide and eat the wood

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  • What an amazing skill to have bravo.

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  • Excellent

  • Its so small and no windows. Is this true to life size?? I understand they were usually not very big but it would be quite tight in there with a family. Just enough space to sleep. Did they do the cooking outside? Also, as there is no chimney, I'm guessing they aren't able to build a fire inside to keep warm in the colder months?

  • That's a lot of wheat

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  • What a dad 😍

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  • Taking notes down so when it’s time to get off the grid .

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  • This video made me realise that my handy work is lacking but has also inspired me to get off the internet.

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  • do they cut trees just to make these houses or not? I'm just curious

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  • Indian villages still have this kind of houses

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  • This house has a fairy tale "Three Little Pigs" style thatched house. 🐷🐷🐷

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  • Do you build these structures on land you own? I assume. edit, this isn't a Karen question, I'm just curious. Cheers

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  • Cool build, I couldn't quite understand the top of the roof bit. I noticed you put rolls of thatching on top. In my mind it just look liked it needed something over laying the top to finish it off.

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  • Just wondering, what do you so with the structures after you are done with them? And where do you build them? Like, do you own the land? P.s Love your videos, they really inspire me to go outside and make something! Thank you.

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  • Y'all did a really great job....I learned a lot. I'm definitely subscribing to your channel.

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  • Question to anyone who knows! Why did they burn the edges of those logs at the beginning? Does burning it prevent rotting and general decay while it's in the ground? Side note: I could watch these guys skin bark off of logs for hours

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