GhostDragon & Kwesi - Something Out Of Nothing (Lyrics)

17 ต.ค. 2020
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🎤 Lyrics: GhostDragon & Kwesi - Something Out Of Nothing
I didn’t want to be here tonight
Then I saw you walking by
Damn hard not to notice you, you
I took a shot and tried out a line
It was cheesy but you didn’t mind
Now we're sipping, I'm trippin' and baby we got nothing to lose
Waking up on the bathroom floor
Still drunk from the night before
We made something out of nothing
We made something out of nothing
Well tell me do you ever feel this way
'Cause I’d do anything to get you to stay
'Cause we made something out of nothing
We made something out of nothing
Hey, remember it like yesterday
Do you think that anything has changed
It ain't easy just to forget you
You had that red dress on, yeah, you stole the party
Poolside Champaign taking molly
And when we're like that, you know we've got nothing to lose
Waking up on the bathroom floor
Still drunk from the night before
We made something out of nothing
We made something out of nothing
Well tell me do you ever feel this way
'Cause I’d do anything to get you to stay
'Cause we made something out of nothing
We made something out of nothing
Do you feel the same, feel the same
Well do you feel the same
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  • The beginning that said "I don't want to be here tonight" I think about that every night and I am showing signs of depression and I have axiety and I hate my self I feel like I am a mistake.... Sorry if that was to much info I do everything wrong

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